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 Mar Abridged Script

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PostSubject: Mar Abridged Script   Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:50 am

Marchen Abridges Romance Episodes 1 and 2

Finished Products:

ep 2 is a video response.

I changed the script around for some lines while voiceing and editing and i added some improv from my Va's when they added it.

Remember Improving is your friend if your using multiple Va's You never know what you get and it could be funny for outtakes and blooper specials. ^^ always ask to use them though.

Writers Dco257,Pheon,Williamdorf





Ginta's Mom:ManaYuGiOhGX5Ds

Alvis: In the name of the moon, and the angels who govern the laws of Mar. Please rise and bring forth a champion in our time of need.... Did it work? (sigh) There is no way to know for sure, but if it did, im sure it will bring with it the most capable warrior of that world.

Ginta: Im here to smite you teacher

Teacher: (Angry) Ginta!

Ginta: I see your paralized with fear, good. Many have fallen to this blade. Do not take the Sacred Sword Thunder Force lightly as it has the power to...

Teacher: (Angry) Get the Fuck out of my class room.

Classroom( Random Chuckling)


Koyuki: (concerned) Wow Ginta, you really should stop trying to assasinate the teacher.

Ginta: He was asking for it, besides I would of succeded this time but his savings throw was to high

Koyuki: (Sarcastic) He threw you out of the window.

Ginta: Exactly, it was to high. Nearly broke my back. Just wait till tommorrow, his tyranny will come to an end

Koyuki: (curious) So Ginta, have you had any more of those dreams?

Ginta: Just about everyday. Its an awesome place filled with magic, and dragons, and demons, and fairys, and candy houses, and talking plants.

Koyuki: (curious) What about the butterflys, do they talk too?

Ginta: No stupid butterflys dont talk. But the monkeys do. There always spouting yo momma jokes.

Koyuki: (curious) What about your princess? Is she pretty? Prettier than me?

Ginta: Oh totally!

Koyuki (angry/nervous) Thats mean Ginta, at least give it some thought. Oh well, atleast before you leave for that world your better eat up. Im guessing the bad guys and monsters are going to be more powerful than mr. yazawa. (fade out while saying the last sentence.)

Ginta: Atleast she believes me... Oh chocolate

Ginta: Wow, This my sims standing around is hard. All the random battles you dont have. All the quest items you cant gather. And the battle system is so hard, its not even there. No wonder this is rated E for Hard. Atlease when Im asleep I can have those dreams. Atleast she believes me. One day there all going to believe when I smack them in the head with the sacred sword thunder...

Alvis: Get your ass up and get to Mar

Ginta: What the- what was that?

Gintas Mom: (annoyed) Ginta! Be quite in there. Im busy writting yaoi fan-fiction. Dont make me pair you up with Jack

(The Next Day)

Ginta: Why the hell did they give me so many desks?

Koyuki: (curious) ginta, did you have that dream again?

Ginta: Yea, It was awesome! At least she believes me

Alvis: Well this is as good a time as any

Gate Keeper: Hello, My name is ted and Ill be your reaper for this evening..

Classroom: (Screams)

G.K: Oh i was just kidding you babies. Grow up

Kyouki: Hey Ginta, its that world you were talking about. Can I come with you

G.K: What ever this dice lands on is how many people can come with you.... 4!?! Um... look over there. (Blows) Yes, 1. Only 1 can come. You are the chosen 1. I cant stress this enough

Kyouki: Oh thats bull shit!

Ginta: Though break sister

Bully1 :Quick somone get in there and beat him up one last time!!

Bully2:Im trying! Theres some sort of force field!

G.K. Any last Speaches?

Ginta: Just one, You are all jerks and I hate you.

Kyouki: Tell me everything about that place when you come back.

Ginta: Yes, I will tell you everything when i come back...

G.K.: are you done bullshiting?

Ginta: Goodbye forever

Ginta's Mom:And as Ginta Lay there his body acheing, the rough looking gardener grabbed his shovel (Read it as if your typeing it ^^) ...huh?..Ginta..(suprized).

G.K. Ok everyone whos not in the gate dies

Classroom (screams)

G.K: Oh i was just kidding. Except you. Next thursday... be ready

Ginta: Wha Hoooooooooooooooo

Ginta: Huh so everything in this world is blurry... Huh? I can see without my glasses... Thats awesome.. (Laughing) I can double jump

Ginta: Dispite being out of breath im not tired at all

Knight: Have at thee, how about a duel to the death?

Ginta: neato a random battle... no way monster, i just got to this world no way am i dying now....

Knight: Like you can do anything to me

Ginta: Limit Break!!!

Knight: Oh ow eak ahhh...

Ginta: Did i lvl?


Ginta: The lvling up music sucks.

Dorthy: (happy) Good job kid. I didnt think you could take on my tin man

Knight: Dont put me back in that...

Ginta; That was awesome. Do it again. Do it again

Dorthy: It was just an Arem.

Ginta: arm? i have two arms.

Dorthy: (sarcasm) Those are arms.

Ginta; Oh

Dorthy: Arems are magical artifacts that..(gets cut off)

Ginta: Do a trick

Dorthy: (sexily) Ill do as many tricks as youd like if you follow me.

Ginta: Yea awesome

Monkey 1: Oh no hes going with her

Monkey 2: your moms going with her

Monkey 3 and 2: Ohhhh hooooooo (mocking)

Monkey 3:Oh no he Di int

Monkey 1: thats not funny (sad and or angry)

Dorthy: this is where babbo should be

Ginta: I can do a trick too. Watch me remove my thumb. Owwwww I dont know how it works... Quick help me

Dorthy: Its fine

Ginta: No, make it better

Dorthy: (Kissing Noise)

Ginta: ow

Dorthy: so if babbo is in there we need to be stealthy and not raise suspision

Ginta: Wahhhh hoooo

Dorthy: (Angry) What are you doing?!

Ginta; But i want to go into the dungeon

Dorthy: (Angry) But i wanted to go in first

Ginta: Yea right. Limit break.... So what are we doing in here again?

Dorthy: Babbo is a super rare Arem and...

Ginta: AHhh, dorthy help me. I fell into another dimention and its cold in here.

Dorthy: (Angry) Gosh watch where your going... Anyway Babbo is (interupted)

Ginta: Ahhh dorthy i did it again.

Stranger: Hello Stranger whatcha buying

Ginta; hey dorthy this guy has some interesting Arems

Stranger: hehe thank you

Ginta: What does this one do


Stranger: ahh

Ginta: Dorthy we should leave now

Dorthy: (Angry) God Ginta how many holes are you going to fall into?

Ginta: it was just 5! Oh look a chest

Dorthy: There it is. These things are always guarded by powerful magic

Ginta: Oh come on Dorthy what are the chances that this time there just so happened to be a...

Golem: Freind!!!

Ginta: Yipe!

Dorthy: what did i tell you, a guardian Arem

Ginta; Hes scary but...

Dorthy: but what?

Ginta: We can take him!!

Dorothy: YOU IDIOT!!

Ginta:... Limit Break... ow ow owo ow

Dorthy: idiot... Ill fight this guardian Arem with one of my own... Go Cowardly Lion! Cowardly Lion tear him apart!

Ginta: Thats not cowardly at all. This has to be the coolest thing ever. I couldnt tear my eyes away... Oh my god a box...

Dorthy: What?! That damn item horder

Ginta: ( does his own legend of zelda music)... huh?...

Babbo: Snoring...

Ginta: Dorthy? Do Arems have facial hair?

Dorthy: What? No way! Arems are made of metal and seeing one with facial hair would be discusting!

Babbo: Your Face is Discusting

Dorthy: Wha-?

Ginta: Who are you?

Babbo: Babbo

G/K: So what will happen to our protaganist now? Will they escape the dungeon or die a humiliating death. Find out....

Ginta: GO BABBO!!!!!!


Ginta: YAY

G/K: Now! Yea!


Be sure to add emotions to the lines when dealing with Va's so that they have an idea how to say it.

Ask them to do the line several times so that you can choose between them.

((Editors Notes.

The emotions in the ( ) are meant to tell you what emotion to do the line in. If you have any questions please refer to the episode and study the facial expression.
If the line says Classroom then everyone needs to do the lines for it.
Arems are the Magical items so pronounce them Arem
Also there is Arm which is...your arm XD
Again If you have any problems with emotions watch the episode
In between lines (...) means to take a second before saying what comes next. ))
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Mar Abridged Script
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