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 GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged

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PostSubject: GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged   Sat Oct 31, 2009 9:50 pm

Hi there! This is ShazMyBot from Gutted Wren Studios, here to bring you an abridgment of the original Gundam. No, this isn't the one with the yaoi fan base, or the one cheap imitation, or even that one about giant robots punching each other in the crotch. That's right, this is the ORIGINAL Mobile Suit Gundam, originally aired in 1979 and re-aired in America in the early 00's. The team consists of five nobodies who want to keep exceeding expectations. So far, we've been doing pretty well. GWS:MSGA was nominated for two T.A.C. awards this year, despite it arriving on the scene in late June. If you like giant robots, classic anime, action, or haven't facepalmed enough today, then this is the series for you!

Below, you'll find links to all of our episodes up to this point.


Episode 1: It's Dangerous to Gundam Alone.
Episode 2 side a: Suddenly, cookies! THOUSANDS OF THEM!
Episode 2 side b: A New Pair of Pants, Ensign.
Episode 3 side a: Watch me pull a Musai out of my hat, Rocky!
Episode 3 side b: I am too old for cake.
Episode 4: A non-Exchangeable Hope
Episode 5: I'll have my Zaku over-done, sir.
Episode 6: Enjoy our new flavor; BLUETYPE!
Episode 7: You're Invited!
Episode 8: "Yarr, they be creepin' up on me!"

GWS hasn't just stuck to one series of Mecha. We've also branched out into Tae (KonataProductions) rendition of Macross: "Do You Remember Love?" Abridged:
Macross: DYRL Abridged
We've also collaborated with Ezekieru of GeassTAS and Jurpentine of Gundam Seed Abridged/Reign The Conqueror Abridged on a new project, named Gundam 00: Abridged Super Series:
G00ASS: Trailer

Feel free to subscribe and comment if you enjoyed our work. Thanks again!

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PostSubject: Re: GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged   Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:07 pm

I've actually heard a lot about you guys, and I've heard a lot of good stuff. Congratulations on your TAC awards and welcome aboard!

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PostSubject: Re: GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged   Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:44 am

Hello, I believe I see you occasionally in TAC chat. (I'm also quite a fan of your series.) Welcome aboard!


Click on the banner to go to our Youtube Channel.
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PostSubject: Re: GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged   

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GWS: Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged
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