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PostSubject: DeathbyCigar   Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:57 pm

Why should anyone join a team with me?

seriously,havent done one show yet. (IN THE PROCESS)

Well im creative. seriously.
i write all the time. I wrote a fanscript for athf. Three seperate cartoon pilots,and several screenplays.
I think im funny but yall would judge.

Also the name. Deathbycigar? sounds cool to me.

Digimon series.
He-man series.

Samurai Jack
DBZ Majin Boo
Yogi Bear

I think my skeletor is decent but if a beter one came id give in.but id write mostly. and id edit some.
Id like two editors. Me on He-Man and another on digimon. Then we'd split the specials.

We would need just editors and voice actors.

Anyone interested?

Also id like to do another anime series.but idk what.
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