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 Critiquing Advice and Stuff

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PostSubject: Critiquing Advice and Stuff   Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:23 pm

Being the ultra-awesome abridger that I am, I often get asked by new starts about criticizing their series on how to make it better. Some I've graciously accepted and others I simply didn't have the heart to do so.

However, this task is a bit daunting and challenging for those who don't have the technical expertise of KaiserNeko or the voice acting gift of MasakoX. If it's not completely good news, its often met with hostility and disrespect, especially for those of us whose series started out not-so-good themselves. I remember just six months ago when Scourgemaster93 critiqued Borinyukami with a less-than-stellar rating, and was harangued by the likes of Zeromaster and Ezekieru, because he only used still images at the time.

Personally, this type of flaming is completely counter-productive and undermines the entire point of criticism. If you can't take some negativity, then you shouldn't ask for criticism. The reason I never ask for criticism is because I know what I need to work on: vocal range, emotion and sound effects. All three of these I've managed to improve on through practicing my voice acting, and asking others to help. In the end, doing these two small things can fix almost any problem, and that's how I usually address someone while critiquing.

I would like to interject myself here and say that it was only because one of my friends was real enough to criticize me that I managed to improve as much as I have between episodes 1 and 15. My only real regret is that people tend to criticize my first episode only, after a new mic, two new editing systems, 5 voice actors and over a year of improvement.

But enough of me prattling on about my experiences and methods of criticism. I'm interested in how the rest of you manage to approach this often elusive problem.

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Critiquing Advice and Stuff
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