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 Abridged Halloween Special (open)

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PostSubject: Abridged Halloween Special (open)   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:57 pm


We are doing a Halloween special, simmilar to the x mas on a few years back with yu yu hakusho and stuff

well here are the abridged series wse have on the list so far

Rune Soldier (Team Fart Taco/Kusanagi Abridger)
Air (Team Fart Taco)
Air Gear (Black Abridger)
Happy Lesson (HappyLessonTAS)
.Hack//Dusk 'Legend Of The Twilight (Team Fart Taco/Lyria)
Samurai Champloo (Black Abridger)

more can be added so if your interested go on skype and message me at kotarouseto and say you know what abridge you do, characters etc. and yeah and please link the account of the abridge so we here can watch it.

and when we are done everyone associated will have a copy of the special so it can be spread threw the community

so thats it, if you dont have skype get it but if you really cant then PM to TeamFartTaco

well that is it now, and we can't wait

cut off for series to be added will be october 9th
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Abridged Halloween Special (open)
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