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 Finding Voice Actors

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PostSubject: Finding Voice Actors   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:24 am

The truth is, I cheat.

Completely, absolutely Cheat. Not Everyone can do it the way I do.

Now that that's out of the way, I will explain how and why I cheat.

I have been involved in voice acting projects for considerably longer than I have been involved in abridged series. I have done work as a "young boy" voice for audio dramas based on fan installments of the "Tales of" series of games. During this period I pestered my friend, Elf, to try out for a project I was involved with. She tried out for the female lead and got the part.

This is how I learned that she could voice act.

Soon afterward, we were contacted by a friend ours who needed Female VAs for "Death Note Abridged." One of the voice actors couldn't make it to a recording session and so I ended up Playing Naomi Misora opposite an invisible Raye Penbar. I sounded terrible. It was completely obvious that I was talking to a brick wall.

When Elf and I decided to do our own Abridged Series of something, we already knew how much having some one to talk to could bring out good voice acting.

So the team started to form, first me and her as the two female leads and several B characters. Then her brother got dragged in to play the *cough* more effeminate of the male leads. For the other male lead, I basically found the only guy I knew who I could convince to watch Princess Tutu. Okay, the truth is, I already knew he could act, since I'm involved in my school theater. Then one of Elf's Friends came in for a bit part in the first episode and eventually got several major characters. The Team was rounded out when I got my sister to be a narrator for us.

You are probably wondering by now what the point of that story was. The Point was, that many abridgers think looking on the internet is the only way to find voice actors. That's not true. I found a fantastic cast of people by looking at my friends and neighbors. Hell, My DAD has a fairly major part in the upcoming 10th episode.

So make sure to keep an ear out for that character two episodes from now, you never know who might have the perfect voice. Smile
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Finding Voice Actors
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