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 Various Abridgeding Projects - Comedy Writers Needed!

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PostSubject: Various Abridgeding Projects - Comedy Writers Needed!    Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:31 am

Our studio is called PonyDubsStudios and while it's not actually restricted to JUST PONIES we are open to anything, please add your Skype so you can be added to the group! We need writers more than anything, and yes while it would be great to have VA's thats really not the main priortiy right now.

The projects for the Abridged series that we'd (I mostly but am open to suggestions) like to get started on are -

Pokemon XY [Anime Series] - Oneshot.
One Piece [Anime] - Oneshot (About Punk Hazard)
Naruto [Anime] - Oneshot
The Legend of Korra - Oneshot

PonyDubsStudios never does anything full-lenghet as an a movie or a full episode, they always cut it short and make it less than 5 minutes (usually, most likely) if it's a scene from an anime episode or cartoon or something, ranging into several seconds most likely. . . And so forth. We also would like to give everyone an oppertunity to have a role on every project than keep information discolsed so we are happy and open to things that the public has to say about us.

Thank you and please add me on Skype @ TheBigAnimation

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Various Abridgeding Projects - Comedy Writers Needed!
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