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 My personal top five.

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PostSubject: My personal top five.   Fri Jul 17, 2009 4:16 pm

I wont be mentioning any abridge series that I have or will have a part of for the first list. So my top five are....

#5:Avatar Abridged by GanXingba.

#4:Berserk Abridged by hbi2k.

#3:DBZ Abridged by TeamFourStar.

#2:Yugioh GX Abridged bu DarkSideIncorporated.

#1:Yugioh Abridged by LittleKuriboh.

Top five that I have a part of.

#5:Yugioh 5D's Abridged by DuelingAlter75.

#4:Yugioh GX Abridged by RaymsCreator.

#3:Inuasha Abridged movies by BandofSevenAbridgers.

#2:Zoids Abridged by TruthOrdeal.

#1:DN Angel Abridged by SakuraElric 2133.

Why is DN Angel my favorite? Well the first episode will be coming soon but I am the voice of Daisuke. ^^.
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My personal top five.
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