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 TeamDevilKitty's Gundam00 Abridged

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PostSubject: TeamDevilKitty's Gundam00 Abridged   Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:49 pm

TeamDevilKitty is a group totaling 60 abridgers, working together to simultaneously abridged the 25 episode series Gundam 00. This is led by LordMoonstone and Juu-kuchi(Jurpentine) to spite a moderator of the Toonzone forums named Hellcat. Spite is definitely a good reason to parody a series, after all. Also, they wanted to show off the virtuosity of second-tier abridgers, and they succeeded and failed at this.

The team itself is a mix bag of half-assedness, Dunrelykars and awesomeness. All the same, this was innovative, and I hope they do it again(except that they do it right this time).

When I was done watching the first 17 episodes, I was extremely disappoint in this project. I had expected something that might have been unrealistic, but the latter episodes showed me that it was not. It was amazing the difference in quality, but I'll leave that alone. I voiced my original grievances to(read: bitched at) Hendrix, then felt better and enjoyed the project as a whole.

Rather than generalize and flame the project as a whole, I'm gonna give credit where it's do, by episode.

Bear in mind, I'm going either by the credits, or the original list. If I get a person wrong, then I apologize, and please correct me.

Episode 1, by Tae or Sheldon(I really have no clue if these are the same people or which one, sorry)

Good episode overall. Very solid script, editing and voice acting. "Please stop speaking, Graham."

Episode 2, by AdamWestsLapDog

It had absolutely nothing to do with the series...aside from the presence of Gundams. But it was good. I enjoyed it. It made me laugh.

Episode 3, by Ezekieru

From what I understand happened, Eze joined as the last minute or something, and did this on short notice. was horrible. I couldn't get passed the first couple of minutes. As a commenter said, there is a difference between being funny and obnoxious...and Eze was on the wrong side of that one.

Episode 4, by TeamFartTaco

SoDA, I love you, no homo, but dammit man you disappoint. The majority of this video was yet another rant from SoDA, because apparently he had someone mess with his script. That sucks, but that's what you're supposed to prevent by directing, which I'm assuming he lost sight of when he started fighting with Semisoma. Oh well.

Episode 5, by Cage500

This is by far one of my favorites. I hardly know who Cage500 is, but he did impress me. Not only did he do a majority of the voices himself, he had solid editing and an extremely good script behind him. He's definitely got a fan in me now.

Episode 6, by GuttedWrenStudios

GWS basically made an entire episode a video of recorded Gundam video game footage played to a Lucky Star remix. Seriously?

Episode 7, by SamTheGreek

You may all know SamTheGreek from his rather off-the-wall sense of humor and not afraiding of anything. I enjoyed his episode, despite it not having anything to do with the series. Much like AdamWestLapDog. Go figured.

Episode 8, by Usagimaru57

Blah is right.

Episode 9, by MasterWGS


*punches Wuggles in the face*

Episode 10, by CardboardLawyer

Short, somewhat sweet, but mostly short. Meh. I expected more.

Episode 11, by CountAbyss

Yeah, it was pretty good. It was short, but it ran for as much time as it needed. I suppose you can't really do much with backstory episodes, so I was satisfied.

Episode 12, by LordQuadros

Hahahahahahaha! I liked this one. LordQuadros was another one that made the gambit of doing all of the voices/editing/writing himself. And it payed off in the long run, as he made an episode that was both funny and plot-relevant.

Episode 12.5, by Rafi

Not nearly as good as LordQuadros(who did the same episode). Larger cast, but not really bringing anything with it.

Episode 13, by Princeroy

I like Princeroy, but come on! He didn't even do the right series(yet somehow managed to get the right series opening).

Episode 14, by Sketch

Yeah...I got nothing for this one. It's...yeah.

Episode 15, by HendrixTheCat

Decent episode. It was mostly a "troll" episode though, so yeah. Zeke did good with the audio mixing, and most everything was solid. Not really outstanding though.

Episode 16, by FlyingBandicoot

This was loaded down with WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many inside jokes. FlyingBandicoot's a brilliant editor, so no surprise there, didn't really do anything for me. Not really approachable for someone not in the center of the abridging friendship thing there...You know what I'm saying.

Episode 17, by CheeseManJoe

Very disappointing. 3 minutes of loosely strung together plot, then he sang the Rickroll song. Not great success there.

Episode 17.5, by ThatWhiteGuy123

It was an original opening, to say the least. The voice acting wasn't great(he did all of the voices himself) the editing wasn't fantastic, but...It was pretty damn funny. It was a well scripted episode all around and to me, that is what is most important.

Episode 18, by ShadowFoxx85

This is the episode where the general quality of the project goes up. ShadowFoxx managed to pull of an extremely effective take on the series, with excellent voice acting and good editing. More importantly, he managed to make a damn good script.

Episode 19, by Juu-kuchi

Episode 19 is probably my favorite one. Juu-kuchi really went above and beyond the call of duty with this one. It may not be the best editing, or the best voicing(despite having Takahata and GanXingba on his cast) but it's probably the best script and the truest episode.

10/10, dude.

Episode 20, by LordMoonstone

Not up yet.

Episode 21, by xexyzl

I like xexyzl, so his sense of humor appealed to me, but to most others, especially those who haven't seen his original series, probably not. He basically put his FMP! abridged characters in an "alternate universe" scenario. Lazy wanker.

Episode 22, by decimator71

I liked it. decimator has a very nice sense of humor, especially suited for a depressing mecha series like Gundam00.

Episode 23, by Unwardil

Ugh, he reads the Wikipedia summary in a funny voice. Nice try there, Professor, but no Scooby snacks for you.

Episode 24, by Xerostyle

It is definitely worth the time to watch it.

Episode 25, by BossTrigger

I was really impressed with this one. It was definitely a video worthy of the finale. Along with Cage and Juu-kuchi, this is one of my favorites. The Boss even ties in a very clever and subtle Take That! to Hellcat. I didn't even realize what he was doing until he said "subscribers."



My favorites:

Episode 5, by Cage500; Episode 19, by Juu-kuchi; Episode 25, by BossTrigger. I look forward to anything with these guys now.

My least favorites:

Episode 3, by Ezekieru; Episode 9, by MasterWGS; Episode 14, by Sketch ties with Episode 23, by Unwardil.

What I think went wrong with this project:

1) Time, not enough of it.

2) Laziness, not caring, etc.

3) Pulling people from the same general pool of abridgers.

4) Having multiple people from the same group do multiple episodes(CardboardLaywer and FlyingBandicoot, Usagimaru and LordMoonstone, MasterWGS and Xerostyle).

Interesting Observations:

-Comparing my favorites with my least favorites, it seems that the abridgers that are underrated or less-known put more effort and generally created better episodes than those that are pretty popular.

-Whether or not an episode trolled Hellcat seemed to make very little difference in it's quality.

Final Words:

If Moonstone and Juu-kuchi had gotten a better and more varied array of abridgers to work on this project, the overall quality of TeamDevilKitty would have gone up. They did not "run out" of abridgers, so much as they didn't look but at the very top.

I enjoyed this product overall, but if they want to do it again, they need to do it better and manage it better.

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PostSubject: Re: TeamDevilKitty's Gundam00 Abridged   Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:46 pm

A lot of the people who put up half-assed episodes were involved for a while, but procrastinated until it was too late.

However, I enjoyed Eze's. Basically the only one that made me laugh.

Oh, other than the episode that said something about the random flower-weed thing in the desert. That killed me. I loved that.

The problem with the half-assed episodes wasn't the fact they were half-assed. It was the thought behind it.

"LOL. I SHALL BE FUNNY AND UNIQUE BY NOT TAKING MY EPISODE SERIOUSLY." doesn't work when most of the team is thinking along the same lines.

Quote :
1) Time, not enough of it.

2) Laziness, not caring, etc.
Not so much of #1.... lots of #2.

And as far as who they/we chose to include on the project, it was mostly whoever they had contacts with that they thought was good enough to make a good episode. I'm surprised Juu-Kuchi got Gan and Taka in on his episode. I was not really expecting any TFS/Generation 1 people involved due to the nature of the project.

Dunno if they're going to do another one. They were talking about it, but I don't think they should... until a good reason comes up. HellCat was the glue of this project. If they wanted to do it with another series, they'll need a different glue.


P.S.: The reason why I kinda include myself in on the project (despite only doing a couple voices) is because I was in on it the whole time, and I was invited to do an episode. The reason I didn't was because I wasn't sure I had the time nor the ability to abridge a series I'm unfamiliar with in the timespan given (1 month or so). I had been in many skype chats over that month, however, and I always knew what was going on with the project.
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TeamDevilKitty's Gundam00 Abridged
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