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 The Editing Process...or should i say..

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PostSubject: The Editing Process...or should i say..   Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:36 am

t...he hardest process to get done!

This is probably just me but I find this to be the hardest to get done.

Not from lack of ability or time. But by sheer Laziness or Procrastination.


#1 Dnangel ep 7.

Ive had the Script and lines done for a while now. But i cant find myself to edit anymore of it. i have at least 20% done but it may never come out...

#2 God save our King ep 1.
I FINALLY got it out..i say Finally because i had the script and lines done for a year before i finally did it.
I redid a few bits of the script and redid my lines and gave myself a week deadline :which i procrastinated and ended up doing in 5 hours with quick editing.:

#3 Megaman Abridged Warrior ep 2
Script and Lines done. been done since last summer. 0% done.

All and all editing is my weakness and it will remain so.

Helpful hints:

Overtaking Procrastinating is a hard task but doable. Ive overtaken it a few times but havent found a permanent cure for it yet. but ill tell you my temporary method...

#1 Set deadlines for yourself.
Using this method the editing process can be overtaken by a sense of duty. Try making a video stateing your deadline clearly to your subscribers,this way you can try to keep it so you dont disappoint them. This has worked for me in the past.

#2 Get help.
Somtimes you meet editors in your line of work. try asking if they could share the load with you if you dont have the skill to tackle a certain scene. If they have the skill and the time they may just help. Some people wont and i dont suggest you ask somone you dont know or your not friends with as they will most likely say no.

I hope this has helped any of you with your own video's. I may not be the best editor but if these work for me then they should work for you.
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The Editing Process...or should i say..
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