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 Why has no one posted anything here yet?

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PostSubject: Why has no one posted anything here yet?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:31 am

Okay, let's start.

"My voice gives me super strength!" or any variation of it.
"Oh my god, a giant rock!"

"At least I have nothing else to lose." "Ha ha ha. Virginity."
"Thanks for the five pound box of................ DAAAANGER!"

DNTAS (Team Dat's series, not mine lol)
"Rooms to go didn't deliver any of my furniture."
"If I had any lines whatsoever, I'd describe why L is such a great person!"
"You smell nice."
"I'm out of minutes!" "Maybe you should get the Sprint 'Simply Everything' plan!'" "I don't make that kind of money!"

And now I go to bed, I'll post more at a later time, mebbeh
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PostSubject: Re: Why has no one posted anything here yet?   Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:03 am

Quote :
Tamaki: I don't think you understand...I may not have acted in my best interest just now. You don't know him like I do you, you see he has no soul. He has three brothers and I'm not sure he has a real mother; I think he was born from hell itself. I have a helicopter on the roof waiting to take me away, but´╗┐ I swear he will follow me through the air on wings of death and...

-Manitoug15's Ouran the Vaguely Abridged Series.

Quote :

Ash: Who the hell's Satoshi? My name's Ash Ketchum and my father's a dick for leaving me.
Quote :

Misty: I just saw my life flash before my was boring!

CaptnAwesomee's Pokemon Abridged

Quote :
Syrus: Jaden, this is going to be worse than that time I had to dissect a worm for my science project, and then fainted because of all the blood, and then I was rushed to the hospital where I realized that I didn't even have to dissect it at all. Hell, I didn't even go to school. I was just really really bored that summer. Plus it was a gummy worm.


Crowler:...Why the hell did we even accept you?

Syrus: F*ck you, that's why!

Quote :
Reaction shot!

-DarkSideIncorporated's Yugioh GX Abridged.

Quote :
Kakashi: Now, I want you two to run up this tree.

Naruto: But whyyyyyyy?

Kakashi: Because, I f*cking said so. While you're doing that, me and Sakura-

Naruto: Sakura and I.


(Kakashi hits him)

Quote :
Kakashi: Ok, I've had enough of this. Sakura, kill Naruto or Sasuke dies.

Sakura: Ok!

(Sounds of her beating up Naruto in the background)

Kakashi: Sakura...Sakura...Sakura...

(chainsaw rev)

Kakashi: SAKURA! I was joking!

Sakura: Ooooh.

Kakashi: Since Naruto decided to be a cheating dork, here's some lunch. And don't give him any. Got it?

Sakura/Sasuke: Got it.

Naruto: Hey, can I have some food?

Sasuke: Sure.


MasaGeta's Naruto the Abridged Series.

Quote :
Great Tree of Uxoricide: Kenshin! I am the Great Tree of Uxoricide, and I command you to kill your wife!

Kenshin: Well, if the Great Tree of Uxoricide says so...

-SamTheGreek's Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal Abridged.

Quote :
Issac Newton: Oy, Volken!

hbi2k's Vision of Escaflowne Abridged.

Quote :
Meercat #3: Meercats!

Meercat #4: NYAH!

TutuOnAbridger's Princess Tutu Abridged.

Quote :
Keiichi: Once we die together, our souls will unite and we shall elope and have 50 kids, all of them named Jimmy and John.

Mion: Um...ok?

Crazyboutcena54's Higurashi Abridged.

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Why has no one posted anything here yet?
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