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 So, the drama!

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PostSubject: So, the drama!   Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:13 am

I was going to make a video response to the topic in question, but now I don't wanna. Seeing how out of control things got between the two factions, I realized that I wanted none of that. So, rather than making a video, I decided to write about it here, because why the hell not?

In case you didn't hear, last night, for about two to three hours, SoDA from TeamFartTaco made a rant telling people in the abridging community to quit being drama queens. He specifically called out Scourgemaster, Semisoma, and a few others. Needless to say, this upset quite a few people, including WhiteAsh from TeamFourStar. The level heads of TFT decided to remove the video earlier today, and hopefully let the flame wars subside.

Like I said, I was gonna make a video, but I don't want to now because, honestly, I like TeamFartTaco, they are cool people, and the sooner this dies down, the better for them. So, here are my thoughts in printed form:

Well me and ZoidsBN who were in a call on Skype together, basically said the same thing in unison: Oh God...But by the time SoDA finished, I basically hit him up on Skype and offered to buy him a beer.

You see, even if I didn't agree with his specific examples(I didn't even know who Semisoma was, and for the most part, Scourge is a cool guy) I can sympathize with where SoDA is coming from. Until not too long ago, I had mostly the same problem with the abridging community. It seemed too cliquey, and a lot of people would get pissed off for absolutely no reason. Plus there were a few guys that just seemed like abject jackasses(to protect their itty bitty feewings, I'm not going to mention who, but the biggest douche's name begins with Captn and ends with Awesomepatch). I was burned by a few people who became bigger than me and decided that I was irrelevant, and for the most part I just genuinely disliked the abridging community and considered pulling the phrase out of the Zoids Abridged title and just call it a parody(Which is now featured on Myspace! Haha, SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION NO JUTSU!).

It wasn't really until this past summer when I met people like MrBulletGuy, Hendrix, Scourgemaster, and TeamFartTaco(And of course the people at the Abridged Series Website) that I really considered myself a member of the abridging community.

But that's not to say it has all been a negative experience. Quite the opposite, actually, in fact that's the main reason I made this video(other than to show some love for SoDA, who really needs it as far as I can see). I could only meet people like z55177, Meeper, Zeke and ZoidsBN through the Abridged community. It really connected me to a lot of places and people that I wouldn't have met otherwise and simply for that I consider what I've done here on Youtube to be a positive experience.

After hearing from guys like Princeroy(Who I love, no homo) and SoDA, a few people seem to have gotten the idea that the Abridged community is like a roving pack of gangs out to get each other. That's not the image I want. In any community, especially online communities where people don't have to face the consequences of their actions, there's conflict. Some of it is juvenile and some is serious(it does happen), but that doesn't mean that the community as a whole is broken.

But listen up! I know SoDA. He's a cool guy, an awesome writer and doesn't afraid of anything. He wouldn't get this upset over nothing. I've seen some of the things he mentioned, and yes, a lot of it is true. Just saying.

And now for a little rant of my own. I noticed a bunch of people commenting on SoDA's video saying something along the lines of "hurr durr, this is just more drama, bad SoDA, you're ruining the community, how dare you expose the flaws," and that is just bullshit. I'll even name names here; Whiteash, Squeaky, Semisoma(no, I don't care, I doubt they'll even see this video anyway). You came in on a video where SoDA was blowing off some steam, and made the false assumption that he wanted to be a guru or mediator. The guy was pissed and wanted people to know it, boo-freaking-hoo. If you don't like what he says, don't watch his videos. If you really don't like what he says, then don't see him in general. But for the love of God, quit trying to force your pedantic oppositions on the guy over one video. No, its no more adult than the original rant itself. It's just an act.

I realize this is the Internet, but for the love of God, keep some of your decency and have a sensible discussion. Honestly, I think the smartest thing I've seen in the comment box was TehExorcist, who said:


Rada rada.

Whiteash, SoDA is not ruining the abridged community with this. It's not showing a darker side. It's showing a side you don't agree with and don't want to see. And he has no reason to apologize for that.

Now give me y'all's thoughts. I will leave this topic completely unedited, so say whatever you want to say. Have at it.

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PostSubject: Re: So, the drama!   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:52 am

For the most part, I dunno where I stand on all of it. I'm not really involved with any of the drama, even though I know at least half of the people involved.

I've heard many good/bad things about all the people being called out, and honestly, all I have to say is.... I'm glad I've taken the policy that I have taken.

I remain neutral or friendly (in almost all cases). Even when someone seems like a total douche, I won't block them, I won't start fights with them, nada. I don't take sides in fights. I am Switzerland. Fear me.

The only exception to this rule I have ever had (where I blocked someone) was when this guy, who had been incessantly IMming me previously (an annoyance but nothing to be upset over) with conversations like this:

Person: Sup 1Kids?
Me: Nm, hbu
Person: Nm

Every day or two.

I wound up blocking him because he tried linking me to some porn thing that was designed for a chain mail effect "For every time you send this link to a friend, she'll take off another piece of clothing!". That was kinda the final straw for me.

But otherwise I remain neutral. Usually it turns out for the best, too. There are some people that come off as jackasses at first, but when you get to know them, they're nice.

So what am I left with? A lot of acquaintances and friends. And they all quibble with each other. And I protect my Switzish national border. It's fun, I suggest it to anyone.


Oh, and I'd also like to add that I find it amusing that all these videos people are making are pertaining to different unrelated bits of drama. Somehow they think this means that there is 1 big drama going on. It's not. It's several different unrelated things that have been in the making (or have already occurred) a LONG TIME AGO.


CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!! ~Barty Crouch Junior pretending to be Alastor J. Moody.
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So, the drama!
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